What is Expressive Erotic Play?

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Hi, friends! I want to share with you today about my signature offering here at the Erotic Arts Project. It’s called Expressive Erotic Play — and I’m so excited to tell you about it. You’ll find all the info, as well as some FAQs, below.

Expressive Erotic Play is a self-paced course that offers you a powerful opportunity to explore your pleasure and authentic erotic self — all while staying centered in play. 

The aim of this offering is to help you develop a personal daily creative practice that connects you to your erotic and sensual body.

With two private coaching calls included alongside the self-paced material (which includes recorded videos and worksheets), we’ll work together to design a practice that suits your unique, individual needs and desires. 

In a world that all too often tells us otherwise, your desires, your body, and your expressions are incredibly valuable — and worth savoring! Centering our pleasure and our creativity is an act of resistance to a culture that tries to tell us these things are unimportant, or even shameful.

In fact, connecting to these parts of ourselves is essential to sustainability and resilience in the often-difficult world we live in. It can help us drop the harmful messaging we’ve received about sexuality and creativity, and replace it with beliefs and practices that support and celebrate our whole selves.

[ Image of artwork by River: a collage featuring the colors turquoise and rich purple, as well as a whale tail, two planets, and two reclined people surrounded by pink flowers. There is also some text, including the words “Water and the underworld,” “Interiors,” “The wise animals” and “the sea-goddess.” ]

In Expressive Erotic Play, there are no goals or rules — just the invitation to develop a personal creative practice, explore your erotic body, and play within your sketchbooks. I’ve designed this course to be a welcoming, easeful, and enjoyable space. 

I truly believe that celebrating our bodies and desires gives us the freedom to meander around the glorious depths of our inner creative worlds — and that’s exactly why I created this offering.

The course content is released on a “drip” over the course of one month. Every day, you’ll receive another section of the curriculum, with an email notification delivered to your inbox that invites you in. Dripping material in this way ensures that you’re really slowing down with the material, to let it fully nourish you before moving on to the next section. You’ll receive the first unit the day after you enroll. 

You are welcome to move at your own pace with the material, and there’s no need to complete all the course material within the month that it’s released. For example, some students like to spend some more time practicing one of the lectures before moving onto the next, or you could circle back to older lectures as you wish. The only time requirement is to book your two private sessions within two months after enrolling. 

(Students of the Institute for Study of Somatic Sex Education will have different requirements for the course in order for it to count as credit toward their certification. If that’s you, please check out the course webpage for more info here.)

There will be worksheets with all the lectures, which are also compiled into one document at the end of the class for you to download if you’d like.

[ Image of artwork by River: a simple collage with a red bear sitting upright on a plain turquoise background, with the word “Stillness” in black text. ]

Frequently Asked Questions…

What’s inside the course?

In the first week, we’ll go over the foundational concepts for connecting to your body and creativity.

In the second, third, and fourth weeks, we’ll dive deeper into different modalities such as breath, sound, movement, pleasure mapping, working with grief, and more.

If you don’t feel called to do certain daily experiments or practices, then you can skip them! Follow your wild inner knowing as you move through the invitations. You can do what you want, and then refer back to older sections of the course at any time, if you’d like.

You’ll have access to the course materials indefinitely, as this is meant to be a resource that nourishes you both now and well into the future. As I update the course contents — according to feedback, suggestions, and new insights — you’ll receive these additions and changes.

Who is this course for?

–   People looking to reconnect to their creativity
–   Those who feel stuck in their creative process
–   Anyone who feels like their self-pleasure practice is stagnant or boring, or who is uncertain of where to start reconnecting to this part of themselves
–   Those who feel burned out
–   Anyone unsure of where or how to start with a creative practice
–   Those who desire both the independence of a self-paced course, and the support of one-on-one sessions with River
–   Those who want to learn how to create without shame or self-judgement, or to create just for the sake of it instead of for productivity or money
–   Anyone who wants to release cultural messages around what art is or should be, and what should be done with it
– Those who like to work independently, but also desire the one-on-one support of a skilled somatic sex educator 

This course is available to all genders and expressions.

When and where is the course held?

It’s all online, so it’s anywhere you are! EEP is hosted on Teachable, a simple and intuitive platform, and all you’ll need is a good internet connection. 

You get to start whenever you’re ready! Please note, though, that enrollment will close once the course is full, and then re-open when spaces become available.

Who teaches the course?

Yours truly! As you may know by now, my name is River Drosera. It’s always a delight to meet the folx who are drawn to this work! I’m the founder of The Erotic Arts Project. You can learn more about me, and the other facets of my work, right here.

What do I need for the course?

Here’s a handy list!

–   A sketchbook of any size. This will be something to journal your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in, as well as a place to write poetry, make collages, and draw. Even if you’re doing performance art (like music or movement) it will still be helpful to have this dedicated space to write about your experiences.

–   Access to a printer to print out the worksheets, if you’d like, or a PDF reader if you choose to download them. You’re also welcome to write your answers to the questions in your sketchbook, if you’d prefer.

–   45 to 60 minutes of solitude and quiet each day to dive into the course materials and activities, except for the one day off each week dedicated to rest and integration. Expressive Erotic Play is a self-pleasure practice, which means you’re welcome to be as clothed or unclothed as you’d like during your practices.

While I understand there may be difficulties with finding that solitary space, especially due to current pandemic restrictions, I’m here to help you come up with ideas for ways to support your practice if you’re living in close quarters with others. For example, some folx like to do their self-pleasure practice in the bath, and then make art afterward. Others like to play with expanding creative and erotic energy while fully clothed in a meditation space. We’ll find ways to make it work for you!

–   Any fun toys or lube that you like. Treat yourself! You can set up your space with things that make you feel warm and safe, like blankets, pillows, or candles. We’ll talk more about creating your ideal space in the first week of the course.

–   A good internet connection, for both course materials and one-on-one sessions, which are held over Zoom. You’ll receive a private link and password for your session.

–   Any art materials that feel exciting to work with! It doesn’t matter if you’ve never tried a medium before — this is your chance to play!

❤️  An open heart, and the willingness to suspend all judgements about yourself! 

Do I need to already have a creative practice?

Nope! This is the perfect foray if you want to begin a creative practice for the first time, but don’t know where to start. But it’s also great if you do have an artistic practice — it can help you deepen it, learn about it, and connect it to your erotic nature, all while receiving support.

Do I need to already have an erotic practice?

Nope! This class will help you practice centering pleasure and body enjoyment, while receiving the direct support of a Somatic Sex Educator (that’s me!). If you already do have an erotic practice — great! This course is a fantastic opportunity to explore how your creativity impacts your pleasure.

Image of artwork by River: a collage including a bright pink night sky, two human figures, a clock, and the word “observing.”

If this invitation is calling your name, and it feels like a yes in your body, let’s hop on a quick consultation call! This is an opportunity to ask me any questions you have, and to see if the course is a great fit for you! You can book your complimentary call right here.  

Thank you so much for being here, and for letting me share my passions with you!

Warmest wishes,