Sensing Yourself and Sensing Your Art


Greetings, Erotic Explorers! Today I want to talk to you about sensing yourself, and sensing your art. Here’s what I mean. The first step on your journey to (re)connecting to your erotic and creative self is learning how to identify and describe sensations in your body. Many people can easily … Read More

What is Expressive Erotic Play?


Hi, friends! I want to share with you today about my signature offering here at the Erotic Arts Project. It’s called Expressive Erotic Play — and I’m so excited to tell you about it. You’ll find all the info, as well as some FAQs, below. Expressive Erotic Play is a … Read More

Introduction to River & The Erotic Arts Project

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Greetings, folx!  Now that we’re in a new year — and because I’ve had some new people join me on my email lists and social media — I’ve decided it’s an excellent time to reintroduce myself to you all! I’m delighted that more people are interested in my work with … Read More