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celebrating the creative and erotic body

Are you yearning to celebrate your eroticism and creativity with unobstructed joy but find yourself feeling burned out, too busy, or unsure of where to start?

Do you desire to have your creativity and your eroticism be shameless, vibrant, and important elements in your life?

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White ink on black background. Drawing of legs, feet, and pubic hair from the perspective of someone sitting cross legged and looking down.
By Sarabell Eisenfeld

"I believe that celebrating our bodies and desires gives us the freedom to joyfully meander around the depths of our inner creative worlds." 

River Drosera, founder of the Erotic Arts Project

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The Erotic Arts Project

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The Erotic Arts Project

invites you to reclaim your creativity and sexuality with courses, workshops and events for all bodies, genders, and sexual expressions!

Because in a world that often tells us otherwise, your body, your expressions, and your desires are important, valuable, and worth savoring!

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Expressive Erotic Play

Your body. Your creativity. Your expressions.

What would it feel like to give your erotic and creative worlds the time and space to joyfully flourish?